Wyman Associates provides a broad range of advocacy services to its clients. We’ll prepare a personalized proposal, tailored to meet your organization’s needs.


This takes foresight, creativity, willingness for some risk-taking, and countless hours working Capitol Hill through personal visits with Congressional staff, as well as main players in federal regulatory agencies. The first step is developing a workable and effective legislative and regulatory agenda. Wyman Associates helps its clients identify the issues, committees, agencies, key policymakers and industry allies needed to be considered in order to Initiate an effective advocacy program.


Development of Washington Agenda

Development and implementation of an effective advocacy program is fundamental to the success of any organization that seeks to represent an industry or industry sector.

Wyman Associates works closely with clients to draft and fine tune industry positions and/or “white papers” on the issues in order to clearly state where the organization stands on key industry topics.


Establishing Positions on Issues of Interest

When industry organizations jump into the Washington advocacy game, clear positions on issues important to that industry are critical.

Wyman Associates helps its clients identify strengths and areas of potential influence, both geographically and issue-specific, and forges relationships with lawmakers and staff with a role in overseeing legislation that impacts client issues. Wyman Associates ensures that the positions of its clients are continually voiced in the halls of Congress.


Forging and Enhancing Relations on Capitol Hill

Walking the halls of the Senate and House of Representatives on a regular basis can be tedious, but it is absolutely necessary.

Federal funding as well as regulatory requirements come out of a broad range of federal agencies impact the operations and bottom line of our clients. Wyman Associates monitors proposed rulemakings, works with clients to develop positions and responses to regulatory proposals, and submits comments for agency consideration.


Executive Branch Relationships

Good things and bad things for industry happen in federal agencies, regardless of which party controls the executive branch.

Nothing works better in lobbying than bringing in as many individuals representing a particular interest expressing the same message at the same time. Wyman Associates conducts a thorough briefing of the issues for “fly-in” participants as well as provides concise but effective “leave behind” documents for visits on Capitol Hill and within regulatory agencies.


Washington “Fly-In” Events

When planned effectively, industry “fly-ins” are the best way to influence Capitol Hill at one given time.

Wyman Associates works with clients to identify industry organizations to align with to collaborate on similar legislative and/or regulatory goals. Coalitions are a must in the advocacy game – Wyman Associates brings its clients to the table of existing coalitions of interest and helps to forge them when needed.


Coalition Building

Regardless of an association’s size and influence, industry relationships are critical to the success of its advocacy program.


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